以布什的核心价值观为基础, the strategic framework articulates aspirations for building on the school’s 100-year old tradition of experiential education. The five strategic priorities incorporate how we relate to one another and the world as a K-12 community, 关注学生的智力成长和情感健康, 以及对多元化的深度投资, 股本, 包容和环境可持续性.


The 2021-2025 战略框架 modifies 布什学派’s previous framework (2018-2020) and updates our priorities to extend through 2025, 这一年是学校的百年校庆. The strategic framework identifies the most salient areas to address as a school to ensure immediate and long term success. 
The framework serves as a guide for the school’s leadership to build a measurable action plan. With the school’s 值 and students at its center, the framework is flexible and responsive.

The process for creating this framework was led by the Board’s Strategic Planning Task Force. 与来自布什社区的选民进行接触, 工作组回顾了气候调查并听取了学生们的意见, 教职员工, 父母/监护人, 校友, 高层领导团队, 和受托人. The task force analyzed qualitative and quantitative feedback and hosted conversations with key constituents to craft a forward-focused strategic framework anchored in a deep love for our school. 

The school’s strategic priorities incorporate the voices of 布什学派 — our aspirations, 野心, 以及对未来的展望. The 2021-2025 战略框架 calls on the school to inspire learners, 提升体验式教育, 建立和培育社区, 创造动态的学习环境, 培育和管理资源. 

每一个优先领域都包含着对多样性的承诺, 股本, 和包容(DEI)影响教学, 学习, 社区参与, 同时也是可操作的, 治理, 以及信托实践. 我们作为一所学校的健康取决于我们履行这一承诺.

除了, we have a moral and ethical obligation for the preservation and care of the natural, 非人类的世界. We will emphasize environmental sustainability in the 设计 and construction of our campuses and in our educational programs.



  • We will teach students to develop empathy, to think critically, listen actively, and self-advocate.

    • 教学生参与多样化的学习者社区 
    • 支持学生的身心健康, 提供资源帮助他们驾驭当今世界
    • Amplify student voice and agency, educating students to lead by making a difference in the world
    • Use leading pedagogical strategies to make curriculum accessible to neurodiverse students 
    • Identify opportunities realized through the COVID-19 pandemic to nimbly meet the needs of learners through future crises 





  • We will build relationships and community while prioritizing support for ethnic/racial, LGBTQIA +, 社会经济多样性,尊重所有的声音.

    • 致力于支持民族/种族, LGBTQIA +, 社会经济多样性 and a sense of belonging among families and students
    • Connect and build relationships for K-12 students and faculty across all three divisions
    • Celebrate the school’s 百周年; actively engage our broader community; tell the history of Bush through diverse voices; meaningfully engage the community to cultivate a closer connection to the school
    • Build robust 学习 opportunities in the community to serve as an educational resource throughout Seattle and the Methow Valley 
    • 包括来自不同民族/种族的董事会代表, LGBTQIA +, 社会经济多样性, 来自Methow社区, 来自最近的校友, 从非父母以及过去和现在的父母那里



  • 优化空间, 设计, and place to create connectivity and flexibility for an exceptional student experience.

    • Create and envision 学习 spaces on the Seattle and Methow campuses and beyond that align with and enhance the evolving needs of experiential education
    • Ensure that current and new spaces supported by the Board Campus Design and Development Committee result in dynamic centers of 学习 for inquiry-based, 经验的编程
    • Embrace the two campuses and communities around them as essential spaces and opportunities for teaching and 学习
    • 努力使我们的校园和地球健康和可持续发展



  • 我们将确保财政基础的坚实多元化, 订婚了, 以及健全的学习社区和环境.

    • 制定一个长期的财务计划,为健康的生活规划一条道路, sustainable financial future that also allows the school to achieve various elements of the strategic plan
    • 坚持对以需求为基础的财政援助计划的承诺, 包括学费和出勤费用, making a Bush education accessible to students from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds while also cultivating an equitable and inclusive school culture
    • Review and revise the existing 教育总体规划 to address short and long term campus needs within the context of a 5-10 year resource projection
    • Ensure that compensation is competitive with regional and national peer schools in order to attract and retain a diverse and talented 教职员工
    • Ensure that our resource investment and allocation reflects our mission, 值, and strategic priorities while allowing for flexibility to adapt to the school’s evolving needs


To spark in students of diverse backgrounds and talents a passion for 学习, 成就, 以及对社区的贡献



布什学派 is committed to preparing students to lead purposeful lives, 让他们走上改变世界的道路. 建立在进步教育原则之上的, 我们的体验式课程激励学生推动探究, 积极参与他们的老师, 课程, 和环境.


  • 批判性、独立性和创造性思维
  • 道德判断与行为
  • 跨文化流利
  • 本地和全球公民
十大正规网赌平台是一所独立学校, 位于西雅图的男女同校走读学校, 西澳在K-12年级招收了715名学生. The mission of 布什学派 is to spark in students of diverse backgrounds and talents a passion for 学习, 成就, 以及对社区的贡献.

华盛顿州西雅图市东哈里森街3400号98112 (206)322-7978
十大正规网赌平台在就业方面没有歧视, 招聘, 招生, 或任何基于种族的项目管理, color, 信条, 宗教, 国家或民族出身, 残疾, 性别, 或者性取向. 除了, 十大正规网赌平台在就业方面没有歧视 on the basis of age or marital status.